Different Types Of Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic operation that consists of improving the shape of the nose. But this cosmetic nose surgery can be combined with other procedures according to the functional needs of each patient, among which we name below:

septoplasty (nasal septum) or corrective surgery of the deviated septum, aims to straighten the nasal septum, thus improving respiratory problems and aesthetic deformities.

Similarly, rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that also serves to improve breathing, but unlike septoplasty, rhinoplasty focuses on surgery for nasal turbinates, especially the lower turbinate, reducing the size of these.

Procedure: How rhinoplasty is performed

It all depends on the type of rhinoplasty to be performed, that is if it is open or closed. As for anesthesia, it can be local or general.

A rhinoplasty, depending on the technique to be used, lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

Next, we will explain the two types of rhinoplasty techniques that exist.

Open rhinoplasty

Open nose surgery is performed according to the needs of each patient, according to their anatomical nasal structure and according to the preference of the surgeon. The incision of the open rhinoplasty is made in the column, that is, the fold that joins the two nostrils; in addition, this technique allows a better visualization during the operation.

Closed rhinoplasty

On the other hand, in closed rhinoplasty, an external incision is not made but is accessed through the nostrils towards the inner central part of the nose, so there is no visible external scar.


In short, if you are looking for a place to have a rhinoplasty or nose surgery, always remember to look for specialists who are members of the Society of Plastic Surgery, so you can be sure that you are in good hands, take the least risk and be most satisfied possible.