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Before And After Rhinoplasty

Before rhinoplasty

  • You should not smoke at least 15 days prior to surgery.
  • You should not take blood-thinning medications.
  • Also, avoid alcohol days before surgery.
  • The day before surgery, you should consume foods that are easy to digest, that is, avoid eating a lot, foods high in sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Follow the instructions of your surgeon and anesthesiologist to the letter before surgery.

After rhinoplasty

After the rhinoplasty, you will have plugs for 24 to 48 hours that prevent post-operative bleeding. The time depends on the indications and preferences of each surgeon, and you must breathe through the mouth for the first 48 hours.

It is recommended not to talk much because you tire more easily and sleep semi-sitting / or the first 48 hours.

In addition, after the intervention, you will feel a stuffy nose, and it is normal for this procedure, but do not worry, we will recommend medications and decongestants so that you have a proper recovery and can clean your nose daily after the removal of plugs.

Well, surely, you should have any questions about the post-operative and recovery time of rhinoplasty. Don’t worry; now we will clarify some of them for you.

When can you see the results of a rhinoplasty?

You will see the result of rhinoplasty in about a month. And you will see the final result in 1 year. Disinflammation is a progressive month by month and depends on the type of skin and tissue healing of each patient.

What is placed in the nose after surgery?

Immobilization with micropore and splint, in addition, plugs that are removed between 24 or 48 hours. Immobilization with micropore lasts one month. The splint or cast is removed between 8 to 15 days.

After a rhinoplasty, how long can I go back to work?

After removing the caps, you can return to work after 48 hours. Rhinoplasty produces a relative disability, NOT absolute, you can carry out your activities with very specific limitations and according to the work you do, and that does not require strenuous physical effort.

It is recommended to return to work between 8 and 10 days after the intervention.

How many days after rhinoplasty stitches are removed?

The outer stitches are removed after seven days, and the inner stitches will re-absorb on their own.

How to clean the nostrils after a rhinoplasty?

A few drops are formulated to keep the airways moist and free of scabs and debris secondary to surgery.

After a rhinoplasty, when can I sleep on my side?

One month after surgery

What to eat after rhinoplasty?

It is appropriate to eat soft foods during the first 15 post-operative days since the patient has a fracture in the nose that heals in 15 days. Therefore, they should avoid crunchy foods that require a lot of effort from the jaw during those first 15 days.

Recommendations after rhinoplasty

  • Do not blow your nose for the first few days.
  • Do not receive the sun.
  • Do not make the physical effort.